Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Big Favor

I am going to ask you for a favor.
If you are still an undecided voter or if somehow you are planning to not vote. Please consider the following.

About 4 1/2 years ago T and I decided to serve our country and join the State Department. It was a crazy process and turned our lives upside down. This is absolutely not a process for anyone who likes stability. It is not a lifestyle for anyone who likes predictability. And if you cannot imagine, even in your wildest fantasies not having the convenience of Target or Walmart or the benefits of having drivers around you obey the traffic laws you should probably not consider joining this dedicated group of individuals who are working hard to represent America in almost every corner of the world.

Don't get me wrong. There are some really cool things about this lifestyle, you've seen my pictures, and we love exploring the world and the challenges of making our home in a new culture. But there are huge sacrifices. Ones that we are willingly making.

The most important one is that we are 16 hours away from our families, in particular our children.

I know that many of my readers couldn't do this. I know because a lot of you have told me this. I also know because when we were on home leave this summer more than one of you told us you wouldn't be visiting because you wouldn't feel safe.

This is where the favor comes in. I know that where we live is volatile. (On a side note: no place is safe....Paris, Nice, Munich, Orlando Nightclubs and the Boston Marathon anyone? And that doesn't cover schools, churches and movie theatres that have all been sights of attacks in the U.S.)

I believe strongly though that you can do something for me to make us safer.

Please vote for Hillary Clinton.

I can tell you that Donald Trump will only make things more unstable. This is anecdotal but it stems from many conversations I have had while living overseas. The U.S. having a bully as our Commander in Chief will not make us strong it will make us vulnerable, particularly those of us who are living and serving our country.

Also, this is not the time for a protest vote. I remember what happened in 2000. Votes for Ralph Nader put Bush into office and I think we can all agree that two wars and a recession made that  a bad idea.

I know if you are already decided on Mr. Trump this will not change your mind. I don't expect it to.

But if this is what puts you over the edge for Secretary Clinton or gets you out to vote on Tuesday I will consider my plea heard.

Thank You.

Just a reminder... I don't speak for the U.S. Government or anyone else for that matter. Just me.