Friday, November 14, 2014

Marking Time

I've lost track of time.

It passes differently for me now.

I no longer have four seasons I have two. Hot and Humid and Hot and Wet. And I have no historical reference to tell me that now that the rains have started it must be November.

The sun rose today at 5:25 am and set at 5:49 pm. Pretty much the same time it does every day since we have been in Indonesia.

I am no longer working. So while I have activities throughout my days. My Mondays don't look much different from my Saturdays except Z is home. This is especially true when T is on the road.

The days and weeks seem the same.

Two weeks ago I the community made a valiant effort to celebrate Halloween with ghosts hanging from Palm Trees and trick-or-treating for the embassy kids. Now I see posts for Thanksgiving at the American Club or where to get my turkey but I still cannot believe it is November. Not even the Christmas themed charity lunch this week really did its job, though it was quite lovely.

My friends at home are posting pictures of snow but the trees outside my window are still full of blooming flowers and after the rains there is jasmine in the air.

Now I am wondering if this Northern Girl will ever get used to the passage of time without the markers she knows. 

In the mean time I will count the days till my son comes "home" for Christmas and try to imagine snow as I plan our trip to Bali.  

Life on the equator. 

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