Wednesday, May 11, 2016

In praise of the Cream Bath

Ahh the glories of the cream bath.
Ok. So I really need to tell you about this before I leave the country.

Indonesians have developed the most amazing spa treatment ever...the cream bath.

Of course they offer all the traditional treatments: mani/pedi, facials, massage but cream baths are the top of my list.

For as little as $10 this delight can be yours.

If you are like me and you love it when the stylist washes your hair when you get a haircut you will be on board with me.

The process is so simple but it is amazing. Your hair is washed and then, using conditioner, they proceed to massage your head. ahhh. But it doesn't stop there! A cream bath is really a head, neck, shoulder, upper back and arm massage. One hour of bliss.
After that your hair, now thoroughly saturated with conditioner, is left to sit for a bit while it fully soaks in and after a bit of time is rinsed out.
You are left with all that lovely bliss and soft shiny hair.

If you are smart, you will combine this with a manicure and pedicure because in SEA that means up three people working on you at once, efficiency, but it feels like bliss.

How many do you think I can get before I leave????

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