Tuesday, November 20, 2018

What I’m thankful for

I’ll be spending Thanksgiving alone this year because I’m married to a good man.
Somewhere in the world there are some people in pain and crisis and his job is to be there for them. To help them work through this difficult time.

It wouldn’t have been too hard for him to make the excuse of the holiday. But that’s not who he is.
The Foreign Service has taken a bad rap over the last few years. It’s hard to see what soft power and diplomacy does for our country. And so many families can claim a member of the military at least somewhere in the family tree. It makes it easy to understand their sacrifices.

But Foreign Service families give up so much too and when the crisis hits in a strange land away from the familiar and extended family we turn to each other and men and women like the one I am married to.

He doesn’t believe his own press but I am so proud of him. And I’m going to grumble about being on my own this Thanksgiving but I’m thankful that he can be there for those who need him.
And for his service to our country and it’s citizens who sadly need him more than I do today.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

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