Monday, August 27, 2018

I’ll pay you to rub my feet

Street Food Vendors 
Massage Shops

My neighbor is full of the above in uncountable quantities! Especially, Massage Shops.
In fact all of Bangkok, and maybe Thailand, can say the same. And like many things the massage shops come with a lot of diversity. 

At the end of my Soi (street) there are three in a row most likely catering to the tourists in the area. All three have seemingly happy women sitting out front waiting for customers to stop by. The average price for a 60 minute foot massage at these shops is 250bht.

There are also several posh looking places that promote herbal benefits with mood lighting and smelling vaguely of ginger and lemongrass. Your foot massage is now stretching into the  600bht range. 

We have not confirmed this ourselves, but several streets also house shops that offer different benefits besides soothing your achey feet. I am sorry but I cannot tell you the prices.

I am sure the 600bht massage is amazing but after a day of exploring Bangkok on foot T and I went cheap and wandered into on of the three at the end of the soi.
For one hour the two women worked the aches of the day from our legs and feet then tackled our upper backs and shoulders for good measure. We left feeling renewed and with tip walked out for $9 each. 

This could become a dangerous new habit.

Not us, but it could have been.


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