Monday, September 3, 2018

Gift with purchase

I am a sucker for a gift with purchase. I think it stems from the days when we used to get cool prizes in the cereal boxes.
I will also dutifully collect points so I can get a free coffee, sandwich or shoes. Though now it’s bubble tea. When I was a little girl I remember the green books of stamps my grandmother collected and I’m sure she was rewarded with a toaster, pots and pans or maybe new glasses.

It seems in the US we now have the rewards cards designed to keep us loyal to a particular coffee shop, grocery store or movie theater.

 The rest of the world is on that bandwagon but they are also on board with the free gift righ now, as I hunt the grocery aisles there is no better way to get me to pick your brand over a competitor than to give me a free item attached to the package. If the item is cool enough I might even buy it for the item alone. I have some awesome Arabic coffee cups that come out at Ramadan. The cups are great but I hated the coffee.
I’ve got tea spoons from tea boxes and baking pans from my pasta. All at no extra charge, trust me I checked.

I’ve hit the gold mine in Thailand. Already I’ve found chopsticks attached to potato chips, a spoon with vinegar,  and a cute little spreader with my butter tub.

If you have to buy groceries you might as well have fun finding the best prizes too.

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