Monday, September 10, 2018

Mr McFeely?

With a population of a little over 8.2 million, Bangkok is not the largest city we have lived in. That honor falls to Jakarta at officially 9.5 million or so but I have seen numbers as high as 20 million when you take in the greater metropolitan area. I’m sure Bangkok has similar discrepancies too.
The official numbers make it around the same size as New York City for the Americans trying to visualize.

I bring this up because like most mega cities traffic can be a challenge. The good news for us, and lots of locals, is that there is a pretty decent sky train and subway system. Because of this we have made the decision to go carless for the next three years. We figure that we can get around to most places we want to either by train or taxi or some combination of the two. If we neeed to, we can always rent a car for the weekend to get a out of town.

This is all a great idea until we made our first few trips to he grocery store. Even with two of us to carry the weight can add up quickly....10lbs of rice anyone? Or a case of soda water that comes in glass bottles.

You can only imagine my joy when I discovered that my local grocery store will bag up my groceries and DELIVER them! By the time I walk home the groceries are not far behind. Of course I can also order them on line with the local delivery service Honest Bee. I may do this too once I figure out what my local options are.

Honest Bee will also deliver lots of other items from various specialty stores and restaurants. Specialty dog food? Portuguese cheese? Crepes?
Delivery service isn’t just for pizza anymore.

We’ve also discovered that not only are there vets that make house calls, like Amman and Jakarta, but  some of them offer a pet taxi service too.

Going carless not only became a dream but a very possible one thanks to the speedy delivery man.

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