Monday, September 17, 2018

Speed Walking

Apparently I walk fast.

I wouldn’t think so. I’m not really tall, 5’ 4”, with average length legs. I’m also from the Midwest so I don’t think it came from an East Coast need for speed.

I have come to realize it must just be an American thing. I move with intent rarely strolling because I have things to do. Even when I’m not in a hurry.

I noticed this occasionally when I was in Jordan. Mostly in the mall or when I was giving a tour only to see my group lag behind me.

Clearly I had forgotten the very leisurely pace people move at in South East Asia. I’m not blaming them it was 90+ today and felt like over 100 with the humidity. And this is one of the cooler times of the year. Of course people don’t want to move quickly. You will sweat! A lot!

I think it’s likely more noticeable because I use the train. I can’t help myself and walk briskly to the station dodging strolling Thais.
Does it benefit me to get there faster? Would I been any less sweaty if I could slow it down. I think the answers are yes and no. Moving faster gets me back into the AC quickly and I think I will sweat no matter what.

We’ll see if that answers changes over the next three years. If it does, please don’t run me over on the sidewalk.

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