Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Two weeks ago we received our House Hold Effects. Now we’re faced with fitting all our things into our new space. Despite what T says it will all fit.

One troubling situation however is a lack of storage, specifically in the dining room. We’ve become accustomed over the last two tours with the state department provided china cabinet and buffet. Admittedly, the Drexel designer isn’t my first choice but it is functional and free.

Our landlord has provided a table but no buffet or china cabinet, so off to Ikea we went.

We spent a a quality afternoon wandering through the aisles and stocking our pallets with glorious flat pack and our evening assembling shelves and cabinets.

While T was on the road though I tackled an extra project and my very own IKEA Hack!
Like many IKEA products the bar carts come in white or white so first things first I was off to Home Pro for spray paint. I’m a novice at this so this step of course took three trips and now we have a shiny black frame.

My next step involved my stash of fabric and  Javanese batik. Three coats of Deco Podge later and we have we have beautiful shelves.

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