Monday, October 1, 2018


I’m going to break from my standard format for a bit, bloggers prerogative, and make a product recommend.

You should know that we arrived in Bangkok during rainy season. That means it rains anywhere from a little to a monsoon/thunderstorm every day. This means we get

I knew this was coming since living in Jakarta was experienced very similar weather. Fortunately here we haven’t had flooding.

In preparation for our transition I purchased three pairs of what I call Birkencrocks. They’re made from EVA and are super comfortable as well as water comparable which is great for when you’re slogging through the rainy streets.
I’ve always been a Birkenstock girl and was very sad to retire my original pair, they were older than my son, a few years back due to mold. (The aforementioned humidity in Jakarta had something to do with that.) so these fit my personal style and as well as my my new lifestyle.

They’re available in lots of fun colors but I stuck with white, silver and black and they all seem to get equal use. I will say I long for a hot pink or orange pair still. Maybe another day.

They’re just as comfortable, in fact maybe more comfortable, than my originals with their cushy sole.
And really pretty affordable at $40 a pair. Less than half a standard pair of Birks.
Definitely worth considering if you’re planning a trip to a rainy climate, and soooo much more comfortable than a pair of flip flops.*

I’ve hiked all over the city in them and my feet are still happy. Not that has stopped me from getting a foot massage. But that my friends is a different story all together.

*note I’m not benefiting in any way from this endorsement.

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