Friday, August 22, 2014

Between Chaos and Order

Today I am surrounded by boxes and bins, piles of towels and sheets, all of our family photos, and food and toiletries I'm told are hard to find in Jakarta. Upstairs my oldest is packing his bags for college. My husband and daughter are most likely sleeping because they are already in Jakarta and it's the middle of the night there. And my dog is winging her way over oceans in the hold of a plane.
I'm excited to begin this adventure but this process has been similar to pregnancy. Many months of waiting and excitement and now the time is almost here and so I admit there is pain, I'm going to miss many friends and family who are dear to me, lack of sleep with the constant lists running through my head and anticipation, I just want this all done with and to be there.
I had originally thought I didn't want to start this blog on what feels like a negative note but it would be dishonest. This is part of the process. This is part of the big change and adventure that T, Z, Fe and I so desperately wanted. Making a big life change is scary. But you know what is even scarier...Regret.

I promise to take you along on this adventure, be honest with you, and hopefully prod you to try some adventuring for yourself.

Peace- D

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