Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A love letter to Columbus

Dear Columbus,
In just a few days I will be boarding a plane and I will be leaving you for a while. I am not sure that I will ever live here again on a permanent basis though I am sure I will be back for visits. And while I am wildly excited to take this new adventure there are some things I will miss about you that I want to share with the rest of the world.
First let me say that Columbus has some awesome things going for it that I am not going to mention. You can already find most of these on top ten lists somewhere. So here is the list, in no particular order:I will also say it should go with out saying that I will miss the many wonderful people who have touched my life here. Many who have proven to be wonderful friends. I will say it now CBus has smart, involved, talented, giving people who are also very down to earth and generally open and friendly.

1) Macarons at Pistcia Vera. Yes they are as good as the ones you get in Paris. www.pistaciavera.com
2) The Clintonville Farmers Market, particularly the bread from Lucky Cat Bakery and the Cheese from Blue Jacket Dairy. www.clintonvillefarmersmarket.org 
3) Actors Summer Theater in Schiller Park. If you haven't been you should really go. www.theactorstheatre.org
4) I know this is a given but Jeni's Ice Cream. Particularly Sweet Corn and Blackberry which I am grateful to get another chance at this August. www.jenis.com
5) Hound Dogs Pizza, Back Yard Dog with the Smokin Joes crust. www.hounddogspizza.com
6) While we are on pizza Mikey's Late Night Slice Cheese Pizza with Slut Sauce.
7) O.S.U. Buckeye Spirit. It's a big city with a big school and we are all fans. You can't help it. Just stay off 315 on game day.
8) Fete en Blanc Columbus.  I love this event so much I may have to start one in Jakarta. Do you think the Randeys would come?  http://feteenblanc.wordpress.com/
9) Taste of Dine Originals. If you haven't been I will tell you now this is worth way more than the $100 ticket and it is for a good cause so go!  www.dineoriginalscolumbus.com
10) Fourth of July celebrations in Clintonville, particularly the dog parade and the pancake breakfast. www.clintonvillechamber.com/communityevents.asp
11) The Short North. www.shortnorth.org
12) The Vegetarian West Virginia Slaw Dog at Dirty Franks. Tater Tots too. www.dirtyfrankscolumbus.com
13) WOSU Radio. I'm hoping I can still stream it. www.wosu.org
14) Studio 35, local theater that is also a bar and you can get pizza delivered in. Love. www.studio35.com 
15) Wild Lights at the Columbus Zoo.  Our families must visit location over the Christmas Holidays complete with stop to see Santa for pictures every year. My kids do love me. www.colszoo.org
16) The Ohio State Fair. I'm pretty sure there are other things like state fairs in other parts of the world but I'm pretty sure there is no one else does weird but delicious fried food quite like we do. Then there is also the people watching and seeing all the animals. Yeah, I love the fair. www.ohiostatefair.com
17) Finally, because CBus is a city where you can only enjoy al fresco dining for a few months a year. My favorite patio..Basi Itallia. www.basi-italia.com

Yes. I know there is a lot of food on here but I saw a quote today "Life should be Delicious". I'm sticking with that.

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