Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The last big push

Last day in Ohio. 
It's dark and thunder is rolling around in the sky. I need to get up and finish my list of things to do before I lock up the house and head out to  lunch with friends and then the airport. It's simple things like laundry, sweeping the floors. Getting things ready for our tenant who is moning in for a short time.
This whole week has been full of goodbyes. Thank you to my friends who were able to turn them into "see you soon" those are easier to take.
The hardest was dropping Fe off at his dorm last night. Yes, I know I will see him for Chistmas and lots of parents go that long without seeing their college age kids but my emotions are raw right now so it was hard. Even he must have known it because  he didn't try and make me laugh.

So now I am facing down the long journey. That seventeen hour flight feels like a giant block in the road that I wish would magically disappear . The good news is that on the other end T , Z and Shanti are waiting for me and I miss them all so much it will be worth it. 
Plus at every one of my pit stops along the way friends and family are rescueing  me from my hotel and making those moments ones to look forward to!

Well it's time to get the laundry going...
See you in Jakarta!

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