Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Soft Landing

My first full week in Jakarta has been a buffet of sights, sounds and smells. 
I have struggled with words that don't sound familiar, trying to find my place in a new space and lots of new i.d. cards. 
I have dipped my toe into the American Women's Association (AWA), The American Club, Jakarta International School (JIS) and am looking forward to my first meeting at the Indonesian Heritage Society
Oh yes, I have spent some time getting oriented at the Embassy on all the ways my family and I can get sick (medical), other ways we can get hurt (security) and where I can find support (community liaison or CLO).
I have also had to try and figure out how to have household staff for the first time in my life. It is both unsettling and wonderful. A is an amazing cook and H gets me where I need to be. The last is a blessing since I am positive I could not currently tell a cab driver how to get me anywhere, even though they are supposed to speak English. He also hasn't batted an eye when I want to sit in the front seat. Something I am told not all drivers are pleased with.
Oh yes, I have found lots of friendly smiling, helpful people.
Everywhere I have been people have been friendly and welcoming to whichever community I am currently visiting. Everyone has also told me if I need any help just let them know. This has been especially true of L, my sponsor and J who seems to have become my honorary sponsor, thanks Em ( you know who you are).
I have always believed it takes a village but here in our tiny little expat community it is more true and I plan on paying it forward as much as I am able.

Today's big adventure will include a trip to the Mall and Hypermart (Jakarta's Wallmart) to stock up for our two visiting Soccer Players from Singapore coming into town for the tournament JIS is hosting. Nothing like jumping in right?
These are growing outside my front door :)

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