Sunday, August 24, 2014

Surrounded by Piles

This weekend I have done a lot of packing. 
My Saturday started with the amazing experience of loading my first born into the car and driving him one mile down the road to move him into his dorm room at The Ohio State University. I did this along with about 20,000 other people, a rough estimate based on 7,000 incoming freshmen and their families. I will take this moment to tell you that despite the very large number of people moving in OSU has this down to a science and almost made it fun. I say almost only because it happened to be the hottest steamiest day we have had this summer.
The highlights of the day include the very perky move in team who swarmed my car and emptied  it of all F's belongings and  hustled it and the boy off into the dorm while I parked the car, discovering that the boy did not pack either his pillow or his sheets (fortunately we live the aforementioned mile from the dorm) and discovering that his roommates may be even nerdier than he is. We just might have the next Big Bang Theory in the making.
Because F has been taking classes at OSU for over a year now we didn't do all the normal lets tour campus and find your classrooms or lets find the dining hall so after making a trip home for the sheets and pillow and the mandatory trip to Target for  things we didn't know we needed till we got into the dorm I hugged my boy as tight as I could, he tried to make me laugh and I tried not to cry, much, and I drove the mile home and worked on my own packing. 
Now I am surrounded by piles for the movers. Pile A will go by air and hopefully we get it quickly. Pile B contains things we want but can wait for I hope the container stays on the ship and we see it soon too.
On another hopeful note I think Shanti, our dog, will be confirmed in Jakarta tomorrow. I hope she doesn't hold this whole thing against us.
Wish me luck tomorrow with the movers..I let you know if I survive. 

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